The Green Print

We believe a commitment to sustainability must be a key aspect of who we are as a business. As whisky makers the environmental impact of what we make, and what we do, has been - and will always be - fundamental. Our natural environment provides us with raw materials we need to make our award-winning spirits, so supporting a more sustainable future for our planet isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also critical to ensure we can keep doing what we do best as whisky makers.

Our leadership team are fully committed to sustainability as a priority area of focus for our business. This commitment is brought to life through our Whyte and Mackay Green Print which documents the journey we are making to deliver against our belief in a sustainable future.

Delivering on our Green Print is a key aspect of who we are as Whyte and Mackay, and each and every one of us have a role to play in delivering on this.

Through the Green Print, we commit to:

1. Live up to our corporate duty in society, partnering with experts to think ahead and drive change

2. Minimise our environmental impact, striving to continuously improve our sustainability efforts

3. Play a positive role in our communities, supporting continuous improvement of resource use and sustainability education

4. Be good stewards of our resource, seeking to reuse and reduce consumption wherever possible

5. Bring to life the Green Print in action, through our brands, to reinforce our reputation as a driving force in whisky, building brands that stand out

Through these steps we believe we can help to support a sustainable and ethical future for our business, and the whisky industry as a whole.